Twitch Streams of Greatness

A large chunk of the Rapscallion Brigade also have shows on Twitch! The schedule goes generally like this!

Sundays: Kendra Buckmaster hosts 8-Bitch, a walk down memory lane usually playing classic PC games, though she will sometimes do current titles or break out the PS4 on occasion.
Mondays: Deep Fried Awesome with Josh Shoberg is a mish-mash of whatever he feels like playing. It could range from old school Atari or Intellivision, hit some more obscure systems like Neo Geo or TurboGrafx, or play current titles on the PS4 or Xbox One. One never knows!
Tuesdays: You’ll get Zantetsuken with Dave Mahlen! Dave is usually playing his Playstation 4 but does also bust out a series of older consoles on occasion as well!
Wednesdays: You’ll get to watch Glenn Lawrence, aka The Obese Mario, play through his Xbox One! Glenn is a big fan of first-person shooter titles so you’ll likely see a lot of those.
Thursdays: Squid Child comes in on Thursdays, mostly streaming NES and SNES games via emulation. Come get your classic fix!
Fridays: Our very own Glitter Kittycorn, Heather Shoberg! Heather grew up with some of the classic systems but stays mostly with PS4, PC Games and the XBone on occasion.
Saturdays: These days are known as Free-for-All days where you may see any of the other Rapscallions, or special guest streamers, filling in. It’s kind of a crapshoot so you’ll want to pay attention to the various social media platforms for announcements!
Filler: Frank, the Cuban Sherpa, is our filler/floater. With most days covered, Frank is on hand as much as possible to fill in on those times when life gets in the way. Frank tends to stream solely PC titles at the moment but those games come in a wide variety of genres!

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