Kendra Buckmaster

Playstation Network

Designation: The Sassy One/Twitch Seductress/Pun Master
Contributes to: Twitch
Actual Day Job: Pharmacy Technician
Favorite Systems: N64, PS4, Switch
Drinks of Choice: Honey whiskey, sweet wines, and a multitude of craft beers

Bio and Whatever: I cut my teeth on my best friend’s N64 around 5th or 6th grade, starting out with Rampage, Goldeneye, and Mariokart. My brother and I got one for Christmas (“It’s for BOTH of you, you have to SHARE”) and I haven’t looked back since. Since I missed out on a lot of the classics, 8-Bitch is aimed at revisiting some of these golden oldies, as well as some more obscure, too-absurd-to-exist titles.