Josh Shoberg

Playstation Network Xbox Live

Designation: The Everything One/ Chairman of Executive Awesome
Contributes to: All of the things
Actual Day Job: Quality Assurance Engineer
Favorite Systems: Nintendo, Playstation 1-4, Super Nintendo
Drinks of Choice: Scotch Ales, Bourbon and Soda

Bio and Whatever: I got my first taste of video games in Kindergarten when another kid got the original Nintendo and I was instantly hooked. I didn’t really get to play a lot until I got my own original NES the year the Super NES game out and that’s when the obsession began. As I got older I started to hoard collect for more systems, after which it evolved to include the boxes, manuals, and other artwork. These days it’s one part historical preservation, one part artistic admiration, and one part obsession as I unrealistically try to collect all of the video games ever. As an adult I was able to put new technologies and similarly minded people together to form Rapscallion Brigade!