Jesse Olejnicak

Playstation Network Xbox Live

Designation: Board Game Master
Contributes to: Cardboard Adventures, Twitch
Actual Day Job: Network Operations Engineer
Favorite Systems: Dreamcast, SNES, NES, 360, PS4
Drinks of Choice: Rum and Coke, Beer.

Bio and Whatever: My first gaming experiences actually came from both sets of grandparents. An Atari on my Dad’s side and an Intelevision on my Mom’s side. My brother and I spent many an hour playing Combat and Sea Battle.

For Christmas in 1986 we got an NES along with the Legend of Zelda and Tetris. After that I was hooked. Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer… you name it, I wanted to play it. Even today I’m a sucker for a good retro-style game. Heck, one of my favorites is Gyruss on the NES.

My other love is board games. Hero Quest is to blame for that. The minis! The dice! The furnature! The bits! The adventure! I played the original Dungeons and Dragons: The one with the big cards and crappy dice. RISK and Axis and Allies. Fireball Island. Omega Virus.

Nowadays I love playing games like Dark Souls and Mass Effect and Dragon Age and Skyrim.  I tend to gravitate towards a good story and gameplay.