Heather Shoberg

Playstation Network Xbox Live

Designation: The Amateur, Glitter Caticorn Gamer
Contributes to: Twitch
Actual Day Job: Data Quality and Reporting Analyst
Favorite Systems: I like the older Nintendo systems (because fewer buttons are easier for Heather) Haha! But I like the newer ones too… I like the Wii and Playstations…
Drinks of Choice: Wine, Dark Beers, FrouFrou Drinks

Bio and Whatever: Gaming has always had its place in our family, though I don’t know who or how it all began. My mom worked at Blockbuster when we were kids, which was really nice because we could rent systems and video games for cheap and my siblings and I would often play. We were always big Nintendo fans and I have fond memories of playing Super Mario and any and all Disney games. As we got older, the N64 was a favorite and we’d often have family game nights on the weekend where everyone would shoot each other while playing Golden Eye. Then I got more into PC gaming as well and sat for hours playing Sims, Myst, and other exploration games. Ah, the good ole days. I think I started taking a break from video games when we all started moving apart and somehow everyone ended up with a system except me. The forgotten middle child. My enjoyment of video games returned more so when I met Josh and was introduced to gaming nights with him and his friends and after we got married we continued to play. Alas… gaming once again went to the back burner once kids arrived, but I’m finding more time to play again. I love button mashing fighting games, the Lego games, and classic games like Mario, but I’m also really fond of story driven games like Heavy Rain. I’m a fan of No Man’s Sky as well and can easily spend a few hours just exploring the galaxy. Let’s face it… I get confused with all of these new-fangled controllers and the bazillion buttons. Hence, why I’m the amateur of the group.