Glenn Lawrence

Xbox Live

Designation: The Fat One/Obese Mario/The Company’s Emotional Punching Bag
Contributes to: All of the things
Actual Day Job: IT Manager
Favorite Systems: Xbox 360/1, NES, SNES
Drinks of Choice: Beer…and Irish Whisky straight

Bio and Whatever: Well I first started gaming when I was about 6 years old. My oldest brother was able to persuade his younger brothers to get a PS1 over its then rival the N64 because “Boys, cartridges are stupid. Look at how cool these CD’s are.” Oooooo so shiny. So my parents went out and bought one “for all of us” and it sat in my oldest brother’s room, and when it was “my turn” it just kept being his turn. Ahhhh the good ole days. Anyway I love playing fun games, FPS, puzzle games, driving games it’s all good. Now don’t get all uppity about this but I rarely play RPG’s…I know, it’s shocking. Regardless as long as there is good company, and cold beer gaming will always be fun.