Frank Rodriguez

Playstation Network Xbox Live

Designation: The Cuban Sensation
Contributes to: Twitch
Actual Day Job: Quality Assurance Engineer
Favorite Systems: All the Nintendo, Atari 2600, PC
Drinks of Choice: Mojitos, rum and coke, and a slew of craft beers

Bio and Whatever: I was practically born with a joystick in hand, first playing a game on my brother’s 2600 at the tender age of 2. Many people can remember their first video game, but I was so young that I honestly cannot recall. After that, we moved on to the NES and SNES before my brother moved away to college. We lost our original NES and games during those college years of his and when I got into collecting, have worked on re-acquiring those lost treasures of ours.

Nowadays, gaming and collecting are still some of my favorite hobbies, tolerated by my bookworm wife. Between her hoarding of books and my hoarding of games, we like to think that we hold each other hostage on purchases and understand each other’s passions.

Despite loving and playing older games, I’m also a sucker for early adoption and have fully embraced new toys like the recently released Switch and the world of VR porn gaming on the Vive.