Questions which are asked with frequency

Is there anything we can do to help?
Absolutely! The easiest way is to like, subscribe, follow, and share the various social media outlets and watch our videos on Twitch and YouTube. We get minuscule ad revenue from them so every watch helps a little bit. Tell your family, your friends, you’re friends’ family, your coworkers, random passers-by, spread the word!

What if I want to donate money or games? Or just send you things because I am a shining example of a selfless human being?
Well, you absolutely don’t have to do any of those things, but we certainly won’t say no! If you do want to send us stuff, hit us up through our Facebook page and we can work something out! Otherwise if you’re feeling incredibly generous, you can send us donations through PayPal at the button below!

How do you pick the games for Fat Old Balding Retro Gamers?
FOBRG games are generally chosen by games that the FOBRG members either haven’t played ever, or for a very long time. The games are for retro systems, or in some cases remasters/re-releases of classic games on the current systems. They tend to be in the adventure genre with some kind of linear story, something that will keep viewers engaged rather than something like a turn-based RPG. As much as most of us love those, not many people enjoy watching someone level grind for hours at a time.

What about Twitch?
Twitch is a slightly different animal. Not only should it at least be entertaining to watch, but each person that streams has their own likes, dislikes, and technical limitations. Some people use capture devices that can record most systems, others are reliant to devices which have Twitch built into it such as the PS4 or Xbox One and some simply use emulators and PC screen capture software.

Can I request you play a game?
Sure! Just hit us up through the Facebook page and shoot us a message!

I’m a developer / we’re an indie game studio. Will you play/stream/review a game we made?
There is a very real possibility! Hit us up and we’ll look into it!

How often do you stream on Twitch?
We try to stream every day when possible from 8-10 PM but we have our convenient calendar here for more specifics!

What programs do you use for recording?
It’s a little different for everything. For Fat Old Balding Retro Gamers we use an Elgato Capture Card to record the game play, then we have a pair of standing mics that route through a USB mixing board and into the computer. We record the video of the crew using an (outdated) HD video camera and it’s all put together in Sony Vegas. For D&Derp the visual gameplay elements use, for the audio we talk over Google Hangouts, and to record everything we use a screen capture software called Open Broadcaster Software. Twitch streams are different depending on who is steaming. Like I mentioned above, some people use Twitch integrations in the consoles, some use desktop capture, some use capture cards, whatever that person has available for the kinds of games they’re playing.